My positive experiences with vaping 2019 / 03 / 19
I am 45 years old, married with two teenage sons. I started smoking when I was 14 which equates to 28 years. Both my wife and I smoked and at the height of it we were smoking in the house, in the car, pretty much everywhere. Smoking was enjoyable for both of us but health issues started cropping up which led to my wife switching to e-cigs then vaporizers. I was pretty stubborn about switching myself until one day after having a mix of alcohol, medications, and a pack of cigarettes combined to elevate my heart rate and breathing to a scary level I decided to try it. I have not picked up a cigarette since August pf 2012. Initially I tried the Green Cigs which looked just like cigarettes but used disposable cartridges. I did not like those so I switched to the vaporizer system my wife was using. Currently I use Aspire BDC and Nautilus tanks with E-go batteries and Pink Spot Vapors for my e-juice. After initially vaping with 18mg of nicotine it was determined that was too strong and I stepped down to 12mg. Eventually I might step down even further. The amount of benefits from making the decision to switch has been enormous. Within a couple of months my sense of smell returned as if I had gone cold turkey. My sense of taste returned a few months after that. My last two blood labs have shown my blood pressure to be at normal levels. The frequency of getting a cold or flu has dramatically dropped and even my recovery time has shortened to only a few days. I have not had bronchitis that would plague me for two weeks after the symptoms of a cold dissipated in two years. More importantly my sons, respiratory problems during allergy season have dramatically improved. My youngest son no longer needs an inhalor during seasonal allergies to stem coughing fits. My eldest son does not exhibit the congestion problems he used to experience in the spring. Hygienically, we don’t have to deal with filthy ashtrays, or tobacco stains on the walls and windows. Financially we are saving money because after the initial investment of gear we are spending less money on juice than we did with cigarettes. We would spend 160 dollars a month on cigarettes and a pack would last 2 days at most. A bottle of e-juice costs about the same as a pack of cigarettes but can last on average two weeks as I don’t puff on vaporizers as much as I smoked. And then there is the freedom (for now) to vape in areas I could never smoke with the knowledge that vaping is nowhere near as harmful as cigarette smoke is. In California smokers were vilified to extreme levels with taxation and limits on where to engage a legal substance. It was to the point that discrimination was prominent towards smokers over people who smoked marijuana or drank alcohol, the latter also having negative consequences to health and safety. In closing I’m under no delusions that vaping is as healthy as eating fruits and vegetables as more studies and tests need to be done by research companies. But based on my personal experiences I can confidently say that I’ve extended my lifespan and improved my quality of life significantly over this past two and a half years. And after doing what the anti-smoking lobbyists stated they wanted us to do all along and quit it is extremely disappointing to see my healthier alternative be demonized with false propaganda and the spread of misinformation. Vaping is saving lives in multiple ways whether people who think they know better want to believe it or not. Hopefully these testimonials lead them to start believing. Thank you.
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